Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Agatha Christie!

So I've had this book on my shelf for some time.  Its battered and weather beaten.  And I had tried to read it some time ago but somehow, just couldn't get into it.  I have read every book in my apartment and finally, out of desperation, picked this Agatha Anthology up and decided I'd better go at it.

Now, she's famous.  Everyone knows Agatha Christie!  I've seen Poirot on TV.  But I'd never read her!  When I started, I think I had misunderstood words. I was not familiar with British slangs and colloquialisms.
As I have now read many British authors, this time round, it was a breeze and a pleasure.  Miss Marple!  There were five complete books in the collection and I read and read for a week as I simply could not put them down.  In fact, I was quite put out when interrupted by work or phone calls or necessary chores.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these and must say that I managed to be completely dumbfounded by three of them at "Who done it."  N or M, however, I did guess some of what was real despite being mislead by the Author.  That was satisfying. 

A delightful read by a renowned author.

If you haven't read Agatha Christie, brush up on your English and get on it.  You'll love them!

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