Friday, January 13, 2012

Roxy does Retail: A Ludicrous Guide to Boutique Shopping Etiquette

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Roxy does Retail


My last blog which, I apologize, was about five months ago, was regarding the book versus kindle argument.  In it, I said I did not want a kindle and never would.

I hereby stand corrected.  I still prefer a paperback book that I can hold in my hand and smell and destroy by dog-earring the pages. Truly, this is a past-time of mine, beating up a book by taking it everywhere with me, including the beach and the bathtub.  Mostly, I read in bed before I sleep, but I do take books anywhere and everywhere.

However!  My distaste for a kindle was based on that.  I also did not understand what it really was, so I humbly state my apologies.  A kindle is actually quite useful.  Books weigh more and to take more than one with you while traveling increases the weight of your luggage, which we are now paying for.   With a kindle, you can have more than one book at your disposal.  It's slim and easily fits into a carry-on bag.  And it's easy access.  There's no paying for shipping for a book you buy online. You just download it and presto!  You have a book.  This is undeniably awesome. 

And now, I must say I understand the benefits to an author of others owning and using a kindle. I am an author.  I found the publishing process very similar to acting.  You have to submit a query letter to hundreds of agents who may or may not get back to you. If they reply, it is usually a rejection.  If you get interest, you have to send your manuscript.  They want a few chapters, and each agent is different with special requirements on font, spacing and other things.  After a year of this, although I had interest on my book, I still did not have an agent. 

My book was just sitting on my shelf at home in manuscript format.  It's a product just sitting around doing nothing.  I hate that.  So I decided to publish it myself. Yes, on KINDLE!  So here I am, Miss, "I never want a kindle."  eating crow.  I do want a kindle.  I want everyone to have one.  I still like books.  But that I could have several in a transportable device is just too juicy.  They aren't expensive.  I will be purchasing mine any minute now. 

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