Friday, April 27, 2012

The Reversal & The Fifth Witness

  Initially, let me address the title of my blog for those of you who recently became acquainted.  I read every day.  I read as much as I can get away with during the day, meaning I sneak in a chapter or two between customers if I'm working in a boutique or at my own weekend business.  My reading is done predominantly in the evening, however. It is not unusual to wake up in the morning with a book on my face. I sleep with them! My bed was handmade and crafted especially for this purpose.  It has two large shelves directly above my head complete with reading light and stacks of books on the agenda.  That is because my mattress is ultra comfortable and frankly, I'm lazy.  Once I am under the covers, there is no climbing out for anything.  

     The title of the blog is "Reader's Thumb" because the pages are made of paper and over time, literally siphon the oils out of my skin.  I am ambidextrous.  That only means I do certain things with either hand.  I am more right handed than left, but I can only do certain things with my left for some reason.  Typically, it is my right thumb that bears the brunt of damage from my book holding.  It gets dry and actually hurts.  I have to switch hands because my thumb is sore.  Hence, "Reader's Thumb."  There is only one person in the world I know who reads as much or more than I do and may share my dilemma.  Perhaps there are more and I don't know them. My hunch is that loyal readers are all walking with sore thumbs and I am just the first to give it a name, such as  repetitive injury health professionals announced the new form of carpel tunnel syndrome from texting: "Blackberry thumb."  

   Michael Connelly strikes again!  In The Reversal, a serial sex offender has somehow managed to get the charges reversed after twenty-four years in prison.  The Lincoln Lawyer enlists his half brother, detective Harry Bosh, a fictitious character from Connelly's other series, to do the leg work on this quarter of a century old crime.  We aren't disappointed.  Of course, there is also the personal side to my favorite defense attorney, his ex-wife, Maggie "McFierce" and their interludes. A solid read.  I won't tell you what Bosch finds at the culprit's condo.  You'll just have to get the book.

     The Fifth Witness is another mind rattling page turner.  This one focuses on a client whom while amidst a political war to keep her home from foreclosure finds herself the suspect in a murder investigation.  All the courtroom drama of Law & Order and a surprising ending.  Haller is a straight shooter, but like myself, when he's blindsided, isn't above an underhanded play that dooms the adversary.  That's all I'm saying.   

      The Reversal and The Fifth witness are brilliant.  Of course, I am biased.  They are based in LA so it is particularly entertaining.  My other favorite series is set in Cotswolds where I've never been and am determined to visit. Who knows when that will occur?  In the interim, I enjoy my characters living in the vicinity.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The DROP, Michael Connelly

If you follow my Blog, then you know I'm a big Michael Connelly fan.  I'm mid The DROP and will finish it tonight.  Normally I wouldn't comment until I actually completed the novel, but this is too juicy.  I love Harry Bosch, LAPD Homicide Detective,  and he's back in top form investigating the possible suicide of someone with "High Jingo."  Sorry, you'll just have to read the book to discover what that means! In The DROP, the suicide takes priority over his other case, an Open-Unsolved nasty sex crime two score past.

In recent Bosch novels, Harry's teenage daughter has come to live with him for reasons you are only privy to if you follow the series.  Their relationship is delightful.  He's a single Dad working a difficult job confronting life's evil menaces.  He's on the most heinous crime scenes and has zero sympathy for the bad guys. This also translates into anxiety regarding his little girl and the knowledge that he can't protect her every moment.  It's provocative insight.  You'll be wishing Harry Bosch was your father or your lover, depending on your age.

Of course, I recommend it. I've also got two Lincoln Lawyers on tap, The Reversal and The Fifth Witness.  I'll relay my account of those as soon as I get to them. And I'm into a Jasper FForde-the jury is still out.  Very intelligent and hilarious, but you know me, unless someone's eyes get cut out and the lashes used to make a revolving children's toy (i.e. John Connelly's Charlie Parker series)  well, I get distracted easily.  What does that say about me?  

I'm not even going to analyze it.  I like a compelling story, and Michael Connelly always delivers the goods.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hunger Games

This movie is out in theatres.  I refused to see it before reading the book.  

A friend of mine handed it to me a few days ago.  It's an easy read, true, but enthralling. Just when you think your life is a mess, meet the kid from sector 12.  When is the last time you ate a squirrel?  When did you have to kill it first?  

A total mind f*ck.  There's also a romantic side to it.  I've already ordered the rest of the trilogy and can't wait to get my fingers on the pages.  Grab it up.  It's worth it.

Caught: Harlan Coben

A delightful read for any murder mystery enthusiast!  Full of shocking twists, this is a true page turner. I read it in a single day.  You want Dan Mercer to be innocent.  The evidence suggests otherwise.  This book was so true to life in its introspection, I had a good mind to post quotes from it on Facebook.  Pick it up, enjoy!