Thursday, June 21, 2012

Unsuspecting Delight: John Connelly's The Gates & The Infernals

I picked these up off a whim as I'm a fan of Connelly's Charlie Parker series.  These are, however, something quite differentThey are a new series set in London, (I had no idea.  The physical universe is apparently intent on bull-baiting me at every turn!) They are about a kid and his dog.  What?  Yes.  And I'm telling you, they are a plethora of intellectual amusement for the adult who delves into childish behaviour whenever possible. Samuel has witnessed the opening of the Gates to Hell and entrance to another dimension.    This was precipitated by a "Collider" machine that was built with the intent on re-creating the Big Bang theory and studying the aftermath of molecules and particles and the possibility of other universes, or the "Multi-verse."  You know I'm in heaven now.  How ironic. The names of the characters and the incredibly stupid things they do are, well, fun. The story line is child's play, but the footnotes are absolutely hilarious.  There are references on quantum physics, other universes, and even how to give an evil laugh:  Bwah ha ha ha ha!  Just stupendous.  I found myself giggling more at these little inserts from the author than the story itself.  It's demonic physics bliss for the way too bored.  C'est Moi. Complete ridiculosity.  Yeah.  I made up that word, as is the right of authors.  The slangs are all British.  The humor is clever and dry in the way only Europeans can write.  John Connelly is Irish, and this is utter bollocks, which is positively delightful.