Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rules of Prey

I won't tell you how it ends.

What I will tell you is from the first page, I couldn't put it down.  I brought it to work, to bed, and everywhere else.  Forensics would have a field day because my DNA is all over this book.

John Sanford, author of Rules of Prey  grabs your attention and keeps it straight through page 362.  This is one of those situations where your mind starts to wander and think about all of the ways someone could snatch you.  How many times have I walked to my car unaware of watchful eyes?  I don't know.  I do know that although I never think of myself as a target, one cannot be to careful.  I don't want to live my life in fear, but  psychos do exist and one should simply be aware of that fact and stay prepared. Should I carry pepper spray?  Or mace?  A gun?  It is LA. Should I just stay home?  Nah. But the story has the reader contemplating, that is for sure.

Sanford tells both sides of this sordid tale of a serial killer.  He's methodical.  He's normal in appearance.  No one would ever suspect him of foul play.  Some people are obviously crazy.  Those are easy to pick out of a crowd by their dress and behavior.  But what about when it's just some average looking guy who is quiet and reserved?  He's right next to you and you have no idea.  I like to think I might.  I've done some other studies on detecting anti-social personalities.  No one wants to accuse someone of being evil, myself included.  If you're paying attention, however, there are subtle characteristics. Louis Vullion has them and no one is the wiser. On the outside, he's a lawyer.  Not even the court-room drama type.  One of those research guys. But still water runs deep. Perhaps as deep as the knife Vullion uses to flay his victims.

A slew of heinous crimes ensues throughout the city.  All directed at women and all completely without cause other than the insane cravings of a mad man.  Womanizer and hard-ass Lucus Davenport is on the scent.  It's a game of match-set which I thoroughly enjoy, being a chess player.  Any girl reading about Davenport is apt to have the equivalent of a female hard-on, while at the same time wondering whether or not she'd give in to his charms if she ever met him face to face.  He's a lying cheating bastard who is also incredibly smart, handsome,  rich, and not afraid to bust up some bad guy's nose if the man is stupid enough to cross him. Just my type.

Pick up a copy of Rules of Prey and settle in with a revolver by your side while you read.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Reader's Thumb: Silent Prey

Reader's Thumb: Silent Prey: "Wow! I just discovered this little series by John Sanford. Ex-cop Lucas Davenport is pulled into an Internal Affairs type investigation of..."

Silent Prey

Wow!  I just discovered this little series by John Sanford.

Ex-cop Lucas Davenport is pulled into an Internal Affairs type investigation of the New York Police Department when he's called there because a serial killer he put away does a jail break.  This story is compelling and riveting.  

The murderer does the most heinous things to his victims.  As I read, I cover my mouth in a gasp!  And I wonder, what does it say about me that I can't put it down?  I'll tell you this, I'm watching my back.  I'm  sleeping with a light on, all the covers up to my eyeballs and a stun gun next to my bed.

Silent Prey has all the goodies:  Hardcore stalking, mystery, deception and bit of good sex.  Pick it up.  Someone left this book at a cafe when they were finished with it.  I was lucky enough to be the recipient.  Turns out, it's number four in a series, so I am off to the book store to get the first three and I can't wait!

Two thumbs up.  Happy reading.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book Update!


I finished my book!  Originally entitled, Retail Feet, I have changed the name to something more suitable.  I continued to have people question if the name was F-E-A-T and that won't do!  The name of the book is now:
 Roxy does Retail!  How fun is that?  On my website:, you can read an excerpt from it and also see footage from my comedy show where I have gleaned material directly from the book.

On another note, I did my taxes and realized I had spent over two thousand dollars in 2009 on books.  Last year, I had to curb the addiction.  I began buying them used on e-bay and elsewhere instead of treating myself to Borders.  Oh dear, perhaps it is my fault they filed Chapter 11!  I felt like Alexander the Great;  "And she wept for there were no more books to conquer!"  I have read every book in my apartment and have simply run out of room to store them. I began re-reading them.  Interestingly, I am enjoying them again.  I have not re-read books in the past.  Once read, I place them neatly on shelves to admire.  I was surprised to discover that I could re-read a book and like it all over again.  I just finished book five of the Fablehaven series.  Seriously, anyone with teenagers must buy the entire set.  Um, and those of you forty year -olds who still like children's books!  I am currently on New Moon, book two of the Twilight Series.  Oh, the heartbreak!  Robert Pattenson was the perfect casting.  He looked very similar to the image I had created in my mind of Edward.  

That is all for now.  Thank you for joining me!